Clerkship Contacts

Overall Clerkship Coordinator Kathy Carlson 501-686-6564
Overall Clerkship Director Arlo Kahn, MD 501-686-6564
UAMS Regional Programs Central Office
 Executive Director Tim Hill 501-686-5798
Director for Education  Tricia Edstrom 501-686-5260 or 1-800-482-9612

Clerkship Sites:

DFPM Little Rock Site

    Clerkship Site Director Arlo Kahn, MD 501-686-6564
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Kathy Carlson 501-686-6564

UAMS Northeast – Jonesboro

    Clerkship Site Director Scott Laffoon, MD 870-972-9603
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Cheryl Broadaway 870-336-7941

UAMS Northwest – Fayetteville and Springdale

    Longitudinal Director of Education Morgan Hogue 479-713-8303
    Site Director Michael Macechko, MD 479-521-0263
    Site Coordinator Janice Huddleston 479-466-9847

UAMS South Central – Pine Bluff

    Clerkship Site Director Herb Fendley, MD 870-541-6010
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Cynthia Turner 870-541-3179

UAMS South – Magnolia

    Clerkship Site Director  Martha Garrett-Shaver MD 870-234-7676
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Rebecka Wendling 870-562-2587

UAMS Southwest – Texarkana

    Clerkship Director Kyle Diaz, MD 870-779-6021
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Destiny Carter 870-779-6053

UAMS West – Fort Smith

    Clerkship Site Director Edward Gills, MD 479-424-3160
    Clerkship Site Coordinator Sandra Terwillinger 479-424-3176