The program’s Management of Health Systems curriculum grows and improves every year.

Speakers include experts from around the UAMS campus, from within the DFPM, and from around the state.

4065-0017Each year, the following topics (and more) are covered:

  • Overview of Practice Management
  • Coding and Billing/Chart Audit
  • Introduction to FMC and Clinic Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Introduction to Insurance Plans and Reimbursement System
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Terminating the Physician/Patient Relationship
  • Use of Informed Consent
  • Maximizing Your Billing and Coding in the FMC
  • Life Cycle of a Charge
  • Working with Insurance Companies
  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Providing Leadership in the Clinic, Hospital, and Professional Organizations
  • Public Relations and Dealing with the Media
  • Advocating for the Public Health

We also have frequent noon conferences on topics concerning Management of Health Systems.