We  typically have 6 residents per PGY level, for a total of 18. This can vary when we have residents who are off-cycle because they transferred in with residency credits or for similar reasons.

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Paige Beck
Aruna Malladi
Obioma Nwaiwu
Sahithi Pothuganti
Greg Sketas
Brian Yuen


John Allen Cockerell
Aleobe Eruemulor
Deepa Jayakrishnan  (Chief Resident May 2017-April 2018)
Omololu Omowanile
Paul “Zac” Ottis  (Chief Resident November 2017-April 2018)
John “David” Wilkins


Megan Busch  (Chief Resident through April 2017)
Shaletha Jones
Maneetha Kodali
Aaron Roberds  (Chief Resident through April 2017)
Erica Stokes  (Chief Resident May-October 2017)

Our new residents who will join us in July 2017

Michael Gann
Lauren Gibson
Felix Jolly Odathil
Appala Suman Peela
Kimberly Reynolds
Kavya Veluvolu


The above photo was taken in April 2017 during one of our social events for residents, faculty, and families.