Aaron Roberds MD

What is your home town?

North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Where did you attend medical school?


What other educational credentials do you have?

BS from the University of Central Arkansas.

What are your particular clinical interests?

I enjoy procedures and musculoskeletal issues that arise in Family Medicine.

Why did you choose Family Medicine?

I enjoy the full range of Family Medicine practice allowing me to take care of a patient comprehensively.

Why did you choose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency program?

I chose Little Rock because of the great education it could provide in a great area to live. The diversity and good relationships among the residents really drew me to stay here in Little Rock for my residency training.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of medicine?

I like to cycle when I have time as well as hanging out with friends and family. Other activities I enjoy include just about anything outdoors.