Why Choose Little Rock?

Little Rock skylineWhen you consider which Family Medicine residency to apply to, you have many choices.

So why choose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency program?

Here are several good reasons, in no particular order.  (There are many hyperlinks below that you can click on for additional information.)

  1. Excellent rotations at UAMSArkansas Children’s Hospital, the VA HospitalBaptist Medical Center, and Arkansas Specialty Orthopedics.
  2. Superior learning opportunities offered by departmental faculty, by expert specialists on all of our rotations, and through training sessions that you will find only at a university-based program in the population center of the state.  “If you want an education, go where the educators are!”  We even have a full-time educator and a behavioral scientist on the Family Medicine faculty, not to mention our department’s divisions of Community Research and CME.
  3. A Family Medicine dermatology procedures clinic that is led by Mark Jansen MD.  Dr. Jansen will also train you to perform screening colonoscopies.
  4. Extensive musculoskeletal training by Michael Cassat MD and Shashank Kraleti MD.
  5. Constant refinement and improvement of our rotations — including a longitudinal pediatrics rotation, a customizable flex month with excellent procedures training, and more.
  6. First-rate training in our Family Medical Center, which is NCQA-recognized as a Level 3 (the highest level) Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH).
  7. A variety of establisheColonoscopyd electives, along with the potential to develop electives to reflect your own interests.
  8. Unique opportunities in teaching, research, and publication, including the option of a research elective based in our own department’s Community Research division.  Check out our presentations and publications.
  9. Specialized training in cultural competence and serving underserved populations.  We also have a curriculum in LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning) issues.
  10. Unique field trip opportunities, including to the Migrant Health Center at Hope, Arkansas CARES (Center for Addictions, Research, Education, and Services), Circle of Friends Health Clinic and the Westside Free Clinic (both for Hispanic patients), Harmony Health Clinic (for low-income patients), the Mexican Consulate, the Minority Health Commission, and many more, with an emphasis on organizations that offer care to underserved populations.
  11. Excellent outcomes, as witnessed by our residents’ exam scores.  In 2014, one of our residents scored in the top 1% in the nation on the in-training exam.  Our residents’ in-training exam scores averaged over the past five years is 100 points above the board exam passing score.  Since 2010, 96% of our new graduates have passed their board exams on the first try.
  12. Excellence in general, as witnessed by the commendation we received from the ACGME in 2015.
  13. Outstanding noon conferences three times per week, with speakers from our department, our campus, and even from around the U.S.  The topics cover the span of medical knowledge essential for Family Medicine practitioners, including (but definitely not limited to) quarterly training in geriatrics and women’s health issues.  Residents are encouraged to request topics and to recommend any excellent speakers they have met on their rotations.  We also analyze in-training exam results to identify any areas of weakness.  Then we schedule speakers to address those specific areas in subsequent noon conferences.
  14. Innovative learning opportunities such as the DVICE (Digital Video Interpretation of Clinical Encounters) sessions with Chris Rule LCSW, our behavioral scientist.  At least five times during your program, your clinical encounters are recorded.  Mr. Rule will review the recordings with you, help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and document your performance in your file.
  15. More innovative learning opportunities with standardized patients in the UAMS Center for Clinical Skills.  You need to improve your skills on performing pelvic exams?  At our program, you can practice on standardized patients who are trained to give you feedback.
  16. Our FMC Employee Walk-In Clinic, where you will gain valuable experience in treating a wide range of acute conditions.
  17. Extensive experience in medical informatics and the use of the Electronic Medical Record.  UAMS is frequently included on the list of “100 Most Wired Hospitals and Health Systems” for its use of technology.
  18. Location, location, location.  Little Rock is the capital city — the seat of government — and the center of excitement.  Our residents even get to make television appearances on occasion.  (How cool is that?)  In 2013, Kiplinger named Little Rock as #1 on the list of 10 Great Places to Live. Whether you’re learning or relaxing, Little Rock is the place to be.
  19. For the second year in a row, UAMS has been named as the “Best Place to Work” on the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s “Best of the Best” list.
  20. UAMS is awesome!
  21. Did we mention that UAMS is awesome?!?