August 30, 2017


DFPM RED continues to be at the forefront of research-based work advocating for children in Arkansas and beyond. RED researchers work daily to study the factors that challenge and support children. RED research seeks, first, to understand and then to put understanding into usable practices that meet the needs of children across the state and the country. Here are just a few of RED’s recent publications… work that is truly making a difference.

  • McKelvey, L. M., Conners Edge, N.A., Fitzgerald, S., Kraleti, S., & Whiteside-Mansell, L., (in press).  Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences from Birth to Five: Examining Associations with Children’s Health. Families, Systems, Health.
  • Swindle, T., Rutledge, J., Dix, B. & Whiteside-Mansell, L. (in press). Table Talk: Development of an Observational Tool to Characterize the Early Childcare Feeding Environment. Public Health Nutrition.
  • McKelvey, L. M., Selig, J. P., & Whiteside-Mansell, L. (2017, In Press). Foundations for Screening Adverse Childhood Experiences: Exploring Patterns of Exposure through Infancy and Toddlerhood.  Child Abuse and Neglect.
  • Swindle, T., Ward, W, & Whiteside-Mansell, L. (in press). Facebook: The Use of Social Media to Engage Parents in a Pre-school Obesity Prevention Curriculum. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
  • Whiteside-Mansell, L. & Swindle, T. (in press). Together We Inspire Smart Eating: A Preschool WISE curriculum for obesity prevention in low-income families. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.
  • Swindle, T., Johnson, S.L., Whiteside-Mansell, L., & Curran, G. (2017). A mixed methods protocol for developing and testing implementation strategies for evidence-based obesity prevention in childcare: A cluster randomized hybrid type III trial. Implementation Science, 12:90 DOI: 10.1186/s13012-017-0624-6