November 30, 2017

DFPM RED research on Food Insecurity & Childhood Obesity

A recent paper (Published online: 22 Jun 2017) from DFPM RED researchers brings new statistics into the world of community-based evaluation.  The study used non-inferiority testing to examine the relationship between obesity and food security in children aged 3 to 5 years.

While traditionally used in pharmacology, this approach has found a niche in measuring equality between groups to conclude children suffering from food insecurity experience rates of obesity equivalent to or above food secure peers.  Having answered the relationship between obesity and food security, studies can move forward in the areas of food quality and other reasons underlying the high rates of obesity among starving youth.

ARTICLE: Application of Noninferiority Tests to Examine the Food Insecurity–Obesity Relationship in Children

Taren Swindle, Shalese Fitzgerald, Lorraine M. McKelvey & Leanne Whiteside-Mansell
Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition