September 30, 2019

DFPM-RED’s TIPS team releases public Annual Report

The DFPM-RED TIPS team just finished their public-facing annual report today and are excited to share both the results and their new look!

Two years into executing their new evaluation framework, TIPS is seeing impressive survey results and app use statistics that are providing evidence for TIPS’ effectiveness as well as opportunities for growth.

Read the 2018-2019 report here.

About TIPS:

TIPS is a new, innovative parenting education program for parents of children ages birth to 5 years. With the TIPS training and toolkit, people working with parents can

  • Share recent research through brief, family-friendly messages.
  • Educate parents without parenting classes.
  • Respond to parents’ concerns and tailor parenting information to individual families.

TIPS also hosts Naptime Academy, free online professional development for childcare professionals.