Family Medicine Junior Clerkship

Course Description:

The Department of Family and Preventive Medicine (DFPM), in conjunction with the UAMS Regional Programs, is pleased to provide a four-week experience in Family Medicine. This clerkship will be unique in several ways. First, the clerkship will focus on the outpatient management of medical problems commonly encountered by family physicians. Secondly, this clerkship will be delivered in a decentralized fashion, with training sites in Magnolia, Fayetteville, Fort Smith, Jonesboro, Little Rock, Pine Bluff, and Texarkana. Most importantly, the clerkship will expose you to the skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are basic to the discipline of Family Medicine. Our statewide faculty is committed to providing you with an educational experience, which will be valuable, regardless of your field of future specialization.

Individual Site Information

UAMS Regional Program Centers (Click for more information)

Northwest (Fayetteville)
Northeast (Jonesboro)
West (Fort Smith)
Southwest (Texarkana)
North Central (Batesville)
South Central (Pine Bluff)

Little Rock

 Syllabus 2020-2021

Junior Clerkship Course