The Department of Family and Preventive Medicine welcomes and encourages all senior medical students to take a look at Family Practice as a rewarding career opportunity. We offer an AI class that meets the requirements for graduation as well as courses for students to expand and explore the exciting world of community-based practice.  We are here to help with the decisions that come with being a senior.  Several faculty members have agreed to be advisors for students. If you are interested please see the advising page.  We have also included information from the American Academy of Family Physicians on the Match process and how to the most out of your experience.  If at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Bailey Snellgrove at 501-686-6564.

Courses that meet the requirements for Graduation:

Acting Intern 17-18

Additional Courses:

Primary Care Selective 17-18

Private Family Practice 17 -18

Match Information:

2020 Strolling Through the Match