July 24, 2019

REACH is International!

DFPM-RED’s Research-Based Early Childhood Professional Development includes, REACH; training and coaching to manage challenging behaviors and promote social-emotional health. The project is targeted to programs with limited access to state professional development resources.

Researcher Rabia Özen Uyar, Cukurova University Faculty of Education, Early Childhood Education, Sarıçam ADANA/TURKEY read a published article highlighting the REACH project and proposed to translate REACH materials and pilot in Turkey. The program was piloted this year in Turkey and initial feedback has been very positive. Teachers reported that they were very satisfied with the REACH program and also reported that behaviors of both teachers and children were positively impacted.  Data on the pilot is currently being analyzed and Dr. Uyar hopes to publish research findings in the coming year.

For more information on REACH, visit: http://familymedicine.uams.edu/REACH