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UAMS’ Department of Family and Preventive Medicine Research and Evaluation Division (DFPM RED) focuses on family and environmental factors linked with poor health, growth, and psychosocial development. We conduct research to test theoretical models, collaborate with community partners to implement and evaluate interventions, train on research-based curriculum, and translate those models into community settings.

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Community Collaboration

We partner with communities and community organizations to implement and evaluate programs intended to improve outcomes.

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Training & Translational Research

Many of our projects take research-based knowledge and translate it into practice. Our training programs target professionals in community-based settings such as early care and education, mental health, home visits, shelters, and substance abuse treatment.

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Program Evaluation

We collaborate with community agencies to provide process and outcome evaluation of the implementation of interventions.

Research & Development

We develop new tools and interventions, test basic science hypotheses, and explore applied research questions.

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Annual Summary – 2018

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