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Support to manage children’s behaviors & promote social-emotional development

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REACH will come to you!

Most child care directors and teachers say they want more training in managing challenging behaviors and helping children grow in social-emotional development. But for many specialized training is far away or “hard to reach.”

We go the distance so you don’t have to.

teacher and child on playgroundREACH provides training sessions at times that fit your schedule, toolkits with items to practice the skills and concepts taught, and personalized coaching through classroom visits, texts, and email.

REACH brings training and follow-up coaching to your child care program. These services are available at no cost to eligible child care centers.

Our 6-month partnership helpsteacher and children in classroom

  • Improve staff morale and enhance program quality.
  • Increase support of children’s social-emotional development.
  • Reduce staff stress.
  • Reduce “problem” behavior in classrooms.
  • Fulfill state license requirements for annual professional development hours.

Training Topics

The REACH partnership begins with two directors workshops followed by teacher trainings on these topics:

  • three childrenA Nurturing Relationship With Every Child: Laying the Groundwork for Good Behavior
  • Routines, Schedules, and Rituals: Tools for Effective Behavior Guidance
  • Talking About Feelings and Solving Problems
  • Positive Attention: How to use it Effectively to Increase Good Behavior
  • Choices: Giving Children the Power to “Be Good”
  • Advanced Strategies: What to do when a Child Needs Extra Help

Documented Improvement

We send independent observers into classrooms both before and after the REACH partnership.

flow chart graphicFor those who complete REACH we have documented improvements. For example, we have found teachers to be warmer and more encouraging and less likely to be harsh or critical toward children.

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Want more details?

Download our FY18 Annual Report



Center Director:

“One of things I loved about REACH was it didn’t matter if you were brand new to the field or had 25 plus years in the field. There is something that everybody can learn from.”


“REACH gave you the concrete stuff. It gave you the tools to use and the steps of how to use them.”

Children seen from above, looking upREACH is available to licensed child care programs throughout Arkansas. We try to prioritize to centers that will benefit most.

If you are interested in partnering with REACH, the first step is to fill out our REACH Child Care Information Form (CCIF).  If you would like more than one center within your organization to be trained, a separate CCIF will need to be filled out on each center (please make sure to include each center’s physical address and facility number).

To find out more email


University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
Research and Evaluation Division (RED)
521 Jack Stephens Drive, Slot 530
Little Rock, AR 72205

Phone: 501.526.4239
Fax: 501.686.8421

This section is only for centers that have completed REACH Director Workshop 1 and have signed our Participant Agreement.

We are excited to partner with you and your center! Before we can get your training schedule set up, we need each staff member who will be attending REACH trainings to fill out a Staff Information Form. This form will only take a couple of minutes to fill out. If you are a center director, please click on the “D” box. Teachers, assistant teachers, and floaters, click on the “T” box. All other staff should click on the “O” (other) box (administrators, cooks, van drivers, therapists, etc.). Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us get to know you better!