Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, Ed.D.Leanne Whiteside-Mansell, Ed.D. – Director of the Research and Evaluation Division (RED). University of Memphis. Lead developer for Family Map Inventories. Lead and co-investigator on many cross-site longitudinal studies. Statistician for  CSAP and CSAT cross-site studies targeting services to women with addiction and their children. Evaluator for several school-based studies.
WhitesideMansellLeanne@uams.edu     501-686-7633     Publications


Nikki Edge, Ph.D.

Nikki Edge, Ph.D. – Assistant Director of the Research and Evaluation Division (RED). University of Memphis.  Background in educational psychology and research. Has many peer-reviewed publications related to high-risk children and families. Lead investigator on multiple intervention studies. Co-investigator on more than a dozen intervention studies.
NAEdge@uams.edu       501-526-7274     Publications


Lorraine McKelvey, Ph.D.Lorraine McKelvey, Ph.D. Michigan State University. Background in developmental psychology with experience in program evaluation research, university-community partnerships and analysis of longitudinal data.  Member of the Early Head Start Research and Evaluation Consortium.
McKelveyLorraine@uams.edu     501-686-8051    Publications


Taren Swindle, Ph.D.Taren Swindle, Ph.D. University of Memphis. Her research program focuses on strategies for obesity prevention and nutrition promotion for young children in low-income families.
TSwindle@uams.edu    501-686-6590    Publications

Collaborating Faculty

Patti Bokony, Ph.D. Patti Bokony, Ph.D. University of Memphis.   Dr. Bokony’s areas of interest include developing preventive interventions that promote social-emotional development in early childhood and promoting those interventions through parenting education and professional development for childcare and early education professionals.
BokonyPattiA@uams.edu     501-765-7481