Family Medicine residentsThe Department of Family and Preventive Medicine offers a high quality educational program with exceptional flexibility. Required rotations provide training in major clinical disciplines. Elective time allows you to pursue areas of special interest such as research, medical informatics, prevention, obstetrics, and more.

As a resident, you will have opportunities to interact and teach medical students. The environment of scholarship and educational teamwork facilitates your development as a family physician. Residents in Family Medicine also participate in formal educational experiences in area nursing homes and health department clinics.  The primary goal of the program is to produce physicians who embody the unique knowledge, skills and attitudes of the specialty of Family Medicine.

Our commitment to your education is one of our greatest strengths. Your depth and breadth of training will be unparalleled in Family Medicine residency training today. Our board pass rate since 2013 is 100% — the highest of any FM residency program in Arkansas.  Check out the board pass rates for all programs to compare.

You can learn more about our team members on our Faculty and Staff page.

Contact us to learn more about our Residency Program. (If you are a patient trying to contact the Family Medical Center, please call 501-686-6560 for assistance.)

Get more information if you are a current medical student who wants to complete an “away rotation” in Family Medicine.

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