The program’s Management of Health Systems curriculum grows and improves every year.

Speakers include experts from around the UAMS campus, from within the DFPM, and from around the state.

Stethoscope on computer keyboardEach year, the following topics (and more) are covered:

  • Overview of Practice Management
  • Coding and Billing/Chart Audit
  • Introduction to FMC and Clinic Responsibilities
  • Risk Management
  • Introduction to Insurance Plans and Reimbursement System
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Terminating the Physician/Patient Relationship
  • Use of Informed Consent
  • Maximizing Your Billing and Coding in the FMC
  • Life Cycle of a Charge
  • Working with Insurance Companies
  • Managed Care Contracting
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Providing Leadership in the Clinic, Hospital, and Professional Organizations
  • Public Relations and Dealing with the Media
  • Advocating for the Public Health

We also have frequent noon conferences on topics concerning Management of Health Systems.