The residency program offers a variety of awards to the residents to recognize and reward their achievements.

TOP (The Outstanding Professional) Award 

The Outstanding Professional Award is given annually to the resident who best exemplifies professionalism in all aspects, from teamwork to patient care to communication skills. Faculty, residents, administrators, and staff participate in the voting.

2019 – Greg Sketas
– Deepa Jayakrishnan
– Megan Busch
2016 – Sung Bae Jee
– Carolyn Allman
2014 – Jesi Borromeo
2013 – Amit Sapra
2012 – (Tie) Rajalakshmi Cheerla and Sarah Kareem
2011 – Sung-Hee “Ken” Suh

STAR (Special Thanks and Recognition) Professionalism Award

The STAR Professionalism Award is given three times per year to the resident who best exemplifies professionalism.  Winners of the STAR Professionalism Award are also eligible for the TOP Award that is given annually.  Every member of the department is welcome to participate in the voting.

Oct-Dec 2019 – Michael Gann
Jul-Sep 2019 – Felix Jolly Odathil
Jan-Mar 2019 – Paige Beck
Oct-Dec 2018 – Greg Sketas
Jul-Sep 2018 – Brian Yuen
Jan-Mar 2018 – David Wilkins
Oct-Dec 2017 – Aleobe Eruemulor
Jul-Sep 2017 – John Allen Cockerell
Jan-Mar 2017 – Shaletha Jones
Oct-Dec 2016 – Aaron Roberds
Jul-Sep 2016 – Megan Busch
Jan-Mar 2016 – Deepa Jayakrishnan
Oct-Dec 2015 – Chinedu Ede
Jul-Sep 2015 – Sung Bae Jee
Jan-Mar 2015 – Eugene Apostolov
Oct-Dec 2014 – Carolyn Allman
Jul-Sep 2014 – Eric Joseph
Jan-Mar 2014 – Pawel Dutkiewicz
Oct-Dec 2013 – Rekha Kalidindi
Jul-Sep 2013 – Nudrat Khatri
Jan-Mar 2013 – Ramon Vista
Oct-Dec 2012 – Jing Fuentes-Rodriguez
Jul-Sep 2012 – Amit Sapra
Jan-Mar 2012 – Appathurai Balamurugan
Oct-Dec 2011 – Jasmine Brathwaite
Jul-Sep 2011 – Rajalakshmi Cheerla
Jan-Mar 2011 – Shashank Kraleti
Oct-Dec 2010 – Deipti Trehun
Jul-Sep 2010 – Lydia Steelman

Medical Knowledge Award

The Medical Knowledge Award is given annually to the resident who earned the highest score on the in-training exam from the previous October.  Only one resident per year wins the Medical Knowledge Award, unless there is a tie.  Since 2014, we have presented certificates to the top scores from each PGY level in addition to the overall award.

2019 – Lauren Gibson
PGY-2 top score: Alexa Martin
PGY-1 top score: Wayne Bryant

– Aruna Malladi
PGY-2 top score:  Lauren Gibson
PGY-1 top score:  Natalia Obraztsova

2017 – David Wilkins
PGY-2 top score:  Greg Sketas
PGY-1 top score:  Lauren Gibson

2016 – Deepa Jayakrishnan (won the overall award as a PGY-2)
PGY-3 top score:  Maneetha Kodali
PGY-1 top score:  Greg Sketas

2015 – Amy Bezold
PGY-2 top score:  Maneetha Kodali
PGY-1 top scores (tie):  Erica Stokes, Aleobe Eruemulor, Zac Ottis

2014 – Pawel Dutkiewicz
PGY-2 top score:  Carolyn Allman
PGY-1 top score:  Aaron Roberds

2013 – Pawel Dutkiewicz (won the overall award as a PGY-2)

2012 – (Tie) Pawel Dutkiewicz and Nudrat Khatri (Dr. Dutkiewicz was PGY-1 and Dr. Khatri was PGY-3; they earned the same score and tied for the overall award)

2011 – Rajalakshmi Cheerla

2010 – Rajalakshmi Cheerla (won the overall award as a PGY-2)

2009 – Arun Bansal

Superior Scholar Award

The Superior Scholar Award is the “Triple Crown” for the Medical Knowledge Award.  It goes to the resident who wins the Medical Knowledge Award (the overall award, not the PGY certificates) during all three years of his/her residency program.  Thus far, only one resident has done this.

2015 – Pawel Dutkiewicz

Community Education/Media Outreach Award

This award was inaugurated in 2017 to honor the achievements of two residents who made literally dozens of television appearances during their time in the program.  While all of our residents have the opportunity to represent the program and provide community education via media outlets, only those who go “above and beyond” will be eligible to receive this award.

2017 – Megan Busch, Shaletha Jones

Presentation Mastery Award, and Presentation Expert Award

These awards were inaugurated in 2017 to honor the achievements of PGY-2 residents who hone their presentation skills during the FM-II rotation in October.  It works like this:  A slide set that is cluttered and unattractive is given to the residents.  Each resident works individually on the slides to make them streamlined, attractive, and conducive to teaching/learning.  The “new” slides are peer-evaluated by all of the PGY-2 residents, who choose the top two best improvements.  The residents who designed the best new slides are given certificates.

2017 – Aruna Malladi (Presentation Mastery Award), Paige Beck (Presentation Expert Award)

Graduation Awards

The department offers several awards to outstanding graduates during the graduation ceremony each June.

The Outstanding Resident Award is given to the graduate who is chosen by faculty and faculty preceptors as the most outstanding overall resident in the program.

The STFM Resident Teacher Award is given to the graduate with the highest scores from evaluations by medical students whom the resident taught in the clinic setting.  The winner receives a certificate from the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.

The Kenneth G. Goss Physician/Patient Relationship Award is bestowed upon the graduate who is an excellent example of a caring, compassionate physician who promotes a strong physician/patient relationship.  Faculty and faculty preceptors vote to choose the recipient.

The AFMRD Resident Scholarship Award is given to the resident whom the faculty identify as having performed outstanding scholarly activity during his/her time in the program.  The winner receives a certificate from the Association of Family Medicine Residency Directors.

Outstanding Resident

2019 – Brian Yuen
2018 – Deepa Jayakrishnan
2017 – Megan Busch
2016 – Eric Joseph
2015 – Pawel Dutkiewicz
2014 – Nudrat Khatri
2013 – Jasmine Brathwaite
2012 – Rajalakshmi Cheerla
2011 – Deipti Trehun
2010 – (Tie) Zuma Soultanova and Sowmya Thadisina
2009 – Seema Siraj
2008 – Ravi Singh

STFM Resident Teacher Award

2019 – Greg Sketas
2018 – Zac Ottis
2017 – Aaron Roberds
2016 – Carolyn Allman
2015 – Vijay Kannam
2014 – Nudrat Khatri
2013 – Virgincita “Jing” Fuentes-Rodriguez
2012 – (Tie) Rajalakshmi Cheerla and Lydia Steelman
2011 – Sung-Hee “Ken” Suh
2010 – Sowmya Thadisina
2009 – Annie Khurana
2008 – Effat Jehan

Goss Physician/Patient Relationship Award

2019 – Paige Beck
2018 – Erica Stokes
2017 – Aaron Roberds
2016 – Eugene Apostolov
2015 – Priya Priyambada
2014 – Rekha Kalidindi
2013 – James “Jimmy” Fulmer
2012 – Lydia Steelman
2011 – Deipti Trehun
2010 – Martha Rueda
2009 – Annie Khurana
2008 – Lalitha Swaminathan

AFMRD Resident Scholarship Award

2019 – Obioma Nwaiwu
2018 – Deepa Jayakrishnan
2017 – Megan Busch
2016 – Chinedu Ede
2015 – Pearl Samuel
2014 – Nudrat Khatri
2013 – Appathurai Balamurugan
2012 – Shashank Kraleti
2011 – Nataraj Desai
2010 – Sridhar Madgula
2009 – Annie Khurana