Ethan Chandler M.D., M.B.A., M.S.

Ethan ChandlerWhat is your hometown?

Amarillo, Texas

Where did you attend medical school?

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

What other educational credentials do you have?

MS – University of North Texas Health Science Center
MBA – Texas Tech University

What are your particular clinical interests?

I am interested in preventive medicine, geriatrics, sports medicine, and procedures.

Why did you choose Family Medicine?

Coming from a somewhat rural part of Texas, Family Medicine is how I have always pictured medicine practiced, and working with a family physician is what led me to choose a career in medicine. I like the idea of a doctor who can do just about anything. Being well-rounded allows for a lot of flexibility in your career and life.

Why did you choose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency program?

Couples-matching with a pediatric resident meant that my wife and I needed a medical center with a great pediatric hospital and great opportunities for training in Family Medicine. When we interviewed in Little Rock, we felt that this was exactly the case. UAMS offers an excellent Family Medicine program that has opportunities to learn procedures and the possibility to train further in geriatrics. Additionally, Little Rock allows us to both get awesome training at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. We also love hiking, fishing, and being outdoors, which Arkansas is known for. It felt like an easy decision.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of medicine?

I enjoy hiking, fishing, cooking, and reading when I have free time. I also love attending live concerts and sporting events, especially football.