Felix Jolly OdathilWhat is your home town?

Chicago, Illinois.

Where did you attend medical school?

Manipal University/American University of Antigua.

What other educational credentials do you have?

B.S., Manipal University, India.

What are your particular clinical interests?

In the clinical setting I am particularly interested in patient advocacy. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy, but in a world filled with misinformation I like to think that I guide my patients through the right path.

Why did you choose Family Medicine?

The main reason I chose Family Medicine is because it is a career that will use my unique skill sets to create the greatest benefit to society as a whole.

Why did you choose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency program?

I chose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency because with every subsequent meeting of a new faculty member, I found that I strongly related to the culture, ideas and philosophy of the residency program.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of medicine?

Outside of medicine, I like to be an active member of my local community through church, sports, and online forums. I’ve found that by learning more about the patients lives outside of the hospital and clinic I can serve them better. I played basketball during my undergraduate years in India. I built computers as an independent contractor during medical school.

I feel a great sense of responsibility to do the the best with what I was given to help the people of the world. I was given every opportunity to better myself, and I want to give that opportunity back to members of the community who seek my help. Regardless if it is related to health, medicine or general problems, I am now in a position at Little Rock to improve the quality of life for everyone around me.