Shannon Leigh HardyWhat is your home town?

Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Where did you attend medical school?

American University of the Caribbean on Dutch St. Maarten.

What other educational credentials do you have?

B.S. from Oakwood University.

Master of Health Sciences from Meharry Medical College.

What are your particular clinical interests?

One of the significant clinical interests of mine is working with individuals from underserved communities. I have several family members who live in areas where healthcare knowledge is not readily understood or explained while in a clinical or hospital-based setting. One of my personal goals is to reach out to these types of communities and aid residents in general health awareness.

Why did you choose Family Medicine?

One of my last medical school rotations was Family Medicine. During the rotation I was able to draw on all of the different specialties that I had studied and rotated through during my third and fourth year. I enjoyed how Family Medicine encompassed aspects of each specialty and how it allowed me to more directly assist my patients with their chief complaints as well as any additional complaints that they brought to me during their visit.

Why did you choose the Little Rock Family Medicine residency program?

During my interview with the Little Rock Family Medicine program I was extremely impressed with the bond that the residents had established with their coworkers and directors. Each resident and program director displayed an overwhelming enthusiasm for the program. After the completion of my interview I knew that Little Rock would be the perfect residency fit for me.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of medicine?

While some of my hobbies had to be placed on hold for medical school, I was happy to complete my medical school training with some of my hobbies intact. I am an avid musician and I have enjoyed being a part of small orchestral group as the principal clarinetist. I also enjoy participating in jazz festivals with other musicians.

I have found that public speaking is a hobby I have been able to utilize in my professional settings over the last few years. I enjoy presenting topics in medicine as well as lending my time to being a host for various seminars.