Family Medicine stipends for 2020-2021 are as follows.

PGY-1  $53,615
PGY-2  $54,365
PGY-3  $56,158


A complete list of Benefits and Terms and Conditions for Appointment (Employment) in Residency Training Programs at UAMS may be found on the website of the UAMS Office of Graduate Medical Education.

Vacation and Sick Leave

Each resident receives 21 days (15 weekdays and 6 weekend days) of paid vacation each year.  There are 12 days per year available for use as sick leave.

Resident Enhancement

The program encourages participation in continuing medical education and allows up to five (5) days per year of paid leave for this purpose.  Each resident receives a stipend (which varies by year of training) to offset the cost of attendance at educational conferences and seminars.


Health insurance premiums for residents are paid for by UAMS. Information regarding coverage for dependents is furnished during orientation. Malpractice insurance for residency duties is provided. Residents are required to secure their own insurance for moonlighting activities.

Laboratory Coats

Coats are furnished by UAMS.

Professional Memberships

Memberships to the Arkansas Chapter and the American Academy of Family Physicians are provided for each resident.

Faculty Advisors

Each resident is assigned a faculty member as an advisor. Formal and informal meetings with the advisor enhance the discussion of the resident’s career goals, personal and professional strengths and areas of concern.


Each 2nd year resident may participate in ATLS certification as a benefit paid by the residency program using the resident’s enhancement funds. ACLS and NRP certification are a requirement for each first year resident before entering the program.  Other certifications can be obtained with the use of the resident’s enhancement funds and leave.

Practice Location Days

Residents are given three weekdays in their third year of training for the purpose of attending job interviews and examining future practice sites.