A Biometric Screening is a health assessment performed by Student and Employee Health Services (SEHS) that gathers information in certain areas, such as your key lifestyle factors, gender-specific issues and clinical measurements. The health assessment is then sent to Onlife, who analyzes your answers to find factors that may lead to health issues, concerns and risks that you can easily prevent. Onlife then provides an online health coach to provide personalized assistance for achieving wellness goals such as losing weight, quitting smoking, improving nutrition, increasing physical activity or dealing with chronic health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Employee Benefits

  • Current Employees

Employees who are enrolled in the UA health plan, and who complete the two steps below by September 30, 2017, will receive a $1,400.00 reduction in their out-of-pocket maximum cost in 2018. If employees have family on their insurance plan the reduction is $2,800.00. UAMS EMPLOYEE ID BADGE REQUIRED.

  • New Employees

New employees who are enrolled in the medical plan after July 31, 2017, will automatically receive the wellness reward, but will need to participate next summer in order to receive the reward going forward.

  • Employee Spouses

The screenings only apply to employees who carry the UA health plan as the primary member/policy holder. Spouses and children, even if they work for the University, are not eligible for the screening.

How to “Get Your Numbers” (Complete a Biometric Screening)

  • Step 1: “Get Your Numbers” at a Biometric Screening

Biometric health screenings will be offered by UAMS Student and Employee Health Services (SEHS) starting July 31, 2017 and ending September 30, 2017. Additional screenings will be held throughout the state for employees who don’t work on the main campus. The screening will take about 20-30 minutes. You may want to allow more time in case there is a line as screenings are done on a first come, first served basis.

The Screening includes:

  •  Blood Pressure
  •  Cholesterol
  •  Blood Sugar
  •  Height
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)

Alternative way to “Get Your Numbers”

As an alternative to getting your numbers at a screening, you may instead schedule a visit with your in-network primary care physician. Log into Onlife to the form you will need to take with you to that appointment. Your physician will provide the numbers on this form you will need to take with you to that appointment. Your physician will provide the numbers on this form, then you will send it to Onlife. If the only reason for this visit is to secure this form and the office visit is coded as a physical/wellness visit, there is no cost to you. The blood work must be between the dates of May 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017 to be accepted.

You can do this on a computer of your smart device that has an internet browser. Or do it right from your phone by downloading the free mobile app AlwaysON®.

Returning Users

Enter your Username and Password.

New Users

Click GET STARTED. Enter the requested information to verify your identity and click VERIFY. Scroll to the bottom to agree to the USER Agreement and select CONTINUE. Complete the required fields and select to proceed.

Problems Logging In?

Call Onlife at 1-877-369-0285 and press 1.

Onlife will notify tobacco users of an extra step, i.e., enrollment in a smoking cessation program by 11-17-2017, so they may qualify for the wellness reward.

Biometric Screening Schedule 2017

7/31/2017-Monday6:00am-1:00pmWRCI (Cancer Institute)- 10th Floor Rotunda/Atrium
8/1/2017-Tuesday7:00am-9:00amDistribution Center
8/2/2017-Wednesday8:00am-12:30pmMCPG Shannon Building
8/3/2017-Thursday8:00am-11:00amWestmark Building
8/7/2017-Monday8:00am-2:00pmBiomed Atrium and B205/207
8/8/2017-Tuesday7:00am-1:00pmArkansas Children's Hospital-Children's Hall
8/10/2017-Thursday7:00am-1:00pmJones Eye- 2nd Floor Room J211
8/11/2017-Friday8:00am-11:00amFreeway Medical Tower- STE 801
8/14/2017-Monday6:00am-12:00pmER Conference Room
8/18/2017-Friday8:00am-10:00amACHI/Capitol Mall Conference Room
8/18/2017-Friday2:00pm-5:00pmER Conference Room
8/19/2017-Saturday9:15am-1:15pmHospital Lobby Gallery
8/21/2017-Monday7:00am-2:00pmSpine Institute- 6th Floor Room 640
8/22/2017-Tuesday6:00am-1:00pmED2- Room G137
8/23/2017-Wednesday7:30am-11:00amIOA- Room 1251 & 1253
8/24/2017-Thursday6:00am-1:00pmWRCI (Cancer Institute)- 10th Floor Rotunda/Atrium
8/28/2017-Monday7:30am-9:00amFamily Medical Center-Large Conference Room
8/30/2017-Wednesday8:00am-11:00amUniversity Tower- STE 918A
8/31/2017-Thursday6:00am-1:00pmED2 Room G137
9/8/2017-Friday11:00am-6:00pmHospital Lobby Gallery
9/11/2017-Monday 6:00am-1:00pmWRCI (Cancer Institute)- 10th Floor Rotunda/Atrium
9/16/2017-Saturday9:15am-1:15pmHospital Lobby Gallery
9/21/2017-Thursday6:00am-1:00pmWRCI (Cancer Institute)- 10th Floor Rotunda/Atrium
9/25/2017-Monday6:00am-1:00pmWRCI (Cancer Institute)- 10th Floor Rotunda/Atrium
9/28/2017-Thursday7:00am-1:00pmArkansas Children's Hospital-Children's Hall
9/29/2017-Friday11:00am-6:00pmHospital Lobby Gallery

Printable Schedule

SEHS Main Clinic:   521 Jack Stephens Dr., Little Rock, AR., 72205

Located on the basement floor of the Family Medical Center at 521 Jack Stephens Dr. and 6th street. When facing the front of the Family Medical Center, our entrance is located on the opposite side of the building facing South Cedar Street with a small flight of stairs leading down to the entrance.

Open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday Closed for Holidays

501-686-6565 or 501-686-6381

SEHS Satellite Clinic:   4301 W. Markham, Little Rock, AR., 72205 Central Building Room G 820

Located on the ground floor of the Central Building at room G 820 off the corridor leading to the parking deck (Parking 2)

Open from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday Closed for Holidays

501-686-8810 or 501-686-6144