September 30, 2019

WISE receives strongest recommendation from SNAP-ED

You can now find DFPM-RED’s  WISE listed as a SNAP-Ed approved intervention on the SNAP-Ed website.

WISE is listed as “research-tested” which is SNAP-ED’s strongest recommendation.

See the WISE SNAP-Ed Toolkit page here.

Snap Ed Toolkit Badge

About the SNAP-Ed Toolkit:

“The Interventions component of the SNAP-Ed Toolkit helps state SNAP-Ed administrative and implementing agencies identify and implement evidence-based obesity prevention and policy, systems, and environmental change (PSE) interventions to include in SNAP-Ed Plans. These interventions help agencies comply with the requirement that state SNAP-Ed Plans must include multi-level interventions or public health approaches that reach low-income households most impacted by health disparities.

Identification of interventions appropriate for SNAP-Ed Plans has involved the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, the National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research, the Association of SNAP-Ed Nutrition Networks and Other Implementing Agencies, and the Center for Training and Research Translation. The interventions included span the continuum of scientific evidence from research-tested interventions to practice-tested interventions to emerging interventions. A peer-review process was used to examine the evidence and assess evaluation findings, reach, and the potential for scaling up the interventions.”